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Business Description

Springbok Technologies (“Springbok”) is a proprietary lien monitoring service combining intellectual property and human capital to identify subordinate liens and other security interests. Developed for secured creditors (“Lenders”) of real property, Springbok offers a unique alternative for Lenders to actively manage their loan portfolio.

Additionally, Springbok is a revolutionary software that should be used by all real estate professionals seeking to efficiently garner market intelligence.

Applying its Pronking® technology to traditional methods of ensuring a continual perfected first priority lien, Springbok efficiently monitors and catalogs the recordation of filings within the land records of the respective jurisdiction.

This early detection technology offers lenders and all real estate professionals the ability to actively manage a curated portfolio of unlimited size.


While subordinate liens are commonly prohibited in a Lender’s loan documents without prior notice and consent, Lenders currently have to “update title” to ensure there are no other open mortgages or liens recorded against the owner of the property.

Updating title is a comprehensive abstracting exercise that is untimely, expensive and reactive.


With Springbok, technology distills the essence of the problem. In a timely fashion and at a nominal cost, Springbok proactively searches for subsequent filings within the jurisdiction’s land records.

Upon identification of a subsequent filing, Springbok employs push technology that generates an email alert so that the user can determine the nature of the filing and its effect on the collateral.

How It Works

View a quick walk through of Springbok in action.

The Team

Brad Shapiro

Brad Shapiro | Founder and CEO
Over 15 years experience in commercial real estate with a specialization in real estate finance.

Alex Per

Alex Per | Partner and CTO
Data scientist and expert in theoretical mathematics, business intellignece and software development.

Sari Glazer

Sari Glazer | Executive Assistant
Valuable experience in customer service relationships and account management.

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